Project Types
  • Setup Setup
  • Roll-out Roll-out
  • Tapi Assisted Tapi Assisted
  • GIA Community-Based GIA Community Based
  • GIA Internally Funded GIA Internally Funded
  • GIA Externally Funded GIA Externally Funded
  • Food Processing Food Processing
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts
  • GIA Community-Based Metals & Engineering
  • GIA Internally Funded Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock
  • GIA Externally Funded Health & Wellness Products
  • GIA Community-Based ICT
  • GIA Internally Funded Halal Products & Service
  • GIA Externally Funded Other Regional Industry Priorities
  • Setup Completed
  • Roll-out On-going
  • Tapi Assisted New
  • GIA Community-Based Graduated
  • GIA Internally Funded Widthdrawn
  • GIA Externally Funded Terminated
Project Summaries
Number of Projects Per Year Approved
Number of Projects Per Sector
Number of Projects Per Province
Number of Projects Per Project Status
Repayment Totals Per Province
Number of Projects Per Project Type

Input Counts
Total Number of Projects
Number of Repayment Status Entries
Number of Status Report Entries
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